“I was at rock bottom….

Samaritans lifted me off the ground”

After a breakdown in my 30’s, I went from having contact with a few people, to a couple to one to none.

I was trying to deal with flashbacks from my childhood. I was also having difficulties sleeping and experiencing debilitating mental health issues. 

John runs the marathon for Samaritans

I felt isolated; only the four walls of my flat seemed to confirm my existence.

Calling Samaritans isn’t easy.  Low self-esteem, guilt and feeling worthless were all barriers to picking up the phone.

Eventually something happened. I’d had a chip pan fire in my flat that night and was all worked up. The fire was a catalyst, but it wasn’t the real reason for calling the helpline.  My feelings ran much deeper.

I was alone and vulnerable until the moment my call was answered.

The voice on the end of the phone was gentle and reassuring… my guilt gave way to calmness. I was no longer on my own.

Samaritans didn’t take away my pain but the pain was no longer so overwhelming.

I now want to ensure that Samaritans is there for anyone who needs to talk and be listened to anonymously and unconditionally.

This is the reason I’m sharing my story and asking you to donate – whatever you can – today.

Samaritans gave me a lifeline. Without that my story could be quite different.

Please help to change someone else’s future today.