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Together let's make sure that we're always here for people to turn to in their darkest hours.

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TCS London Marathon 2024

We believe in tomorrow, and together we can save lives.

We all struggle to cope sometimes, and with one in five of us having experienced suicidal thoughts in our lives, it’s time for action. We can all play a part in preventing suicide. As Charity of the Year for the 2024 TCS London Marathon, Samaritans tackled stigma through stories of hope. Join us to help reduce the number of lives lost to suicide.

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Talk more than football - TMTF

Us football fans don't talk about our emotions.

2 in 3 football fans have struggled with their mental health.

It's time to #TalkMoreThanFootball

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Every ten seconds, we respond to a call for help. No judgement. No pressure. We're here for anyone who needs someone.

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Being a Samaritan means being there for people who need someone to listen. Last year around 23,000 people volunteered their time with us.

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Samaritans’ strategy: Tackling suicide together

Samaritans’ 2022-27 strategy, ‘Tackling suicide together’, outlines our main priorities for the next five years and how we’ll be working towards our vision that fewer people die by suicide.

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