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We’re researching the factors that drive suicide and using it to recommend the policy changes needed to save more lives.


Suicide facts and figures

Suicide statistics and trends for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Our latest work

Read and download our most recent reports, briefings and research.


National and local suicide prevention plans

We’re working with governments across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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Support for people who self-harm

Our report, Pushed from pillar to post, shows that there is no consistently effective support available to people who self-harm.


Inequality and suicide

Our report finds that deprivation, debt and inequality can increase suicide risk.

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Understanding our callers during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is having profound social, psychological and economic impacts all over the world.


The internet and suicide

Self-harm and suicide content online can be harmful for some people.


Young people and suicide

Many young people say they often feel lonely and that it's difficult to get the help and support they need.


Less well-off middle-aged men and suicide

Masculinity, unemployment and other factors combine to increase suicide risk.


Alcohol and suicide

People who misuse alcohol are at greater risk of suicide, so it's essential they get the support and services they need to manage this.


Prisons and suicide

People in prison are significantly more likely to die by suicide than people in the general population.


Understanding our services

Research shows the impact of Samaritans services for people in emotional distress.


Suicide bereavement services

The impact of suicide can be complex and acute.

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The whole spectrum of support, from self-care to healthcare, urgently needs improvement to ensure the availability and suitability of help for everyone who needs it.

Samaritans 2020 Report: 'Pushed from pillar to post'

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