Media Guidelines for the reporting of suicide

Media guidelines for the reporting of suicide

Samaritans publishes Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide and provides a comprehensive media advice service for journalists and programme makers, to support safe and informative coverage of suicide and self-harm.

Research has consistently shown links between certain types of media coverage of suicide and increases in suicidal behaviour among vulnerable people – if you are covering this topic please refer to our media guidelines or contact our media advisory team for help.

Reporting on suicide inquests

In the final blog of the IPSO series with Samaritans, Lorna Fraser, Executive Lead of their Media Advisory Service, looks at reporting on suicide inquests.

About Samaritans Media Guidelines

On average, over 6,000 people take their own lives by suicide each year across the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

Research shows that inappropriate reporting of suicide may lead to imitative or ‘imitational’ behaviour, so Samaritans publishes Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide and has been working with the media for more than two decades, providing expert advice on the portrayal of suicide.

The media can also help encourage people who are struggling to reach out for support and raise awareness of sources of help, such as Samaritans. It is important that programme makers consult with us to help make sure this is done in a safe and responsible way.

IPSO Blog: Helping editors and journalists to report on suicide

Samaritans’ Media Advisory Service Lead, Lorna Fraser, introduces the first of a series of helpful blogs published in partnership with IPSO to support editors and journalists with reporting on the topic of suicide.

Samaritans' guide for coroners

Samaritans has published a guide for coroners. You can download it here.

Behind the scenes at Hollyoaks

Samaritans work with scriptwriters and actors on programmes like Hollyoaks and how responsible dramatic portrayals can help. Find out more about our work with Hollyoaks here.