Supporting someone with suicidal thoughts

If you think someone is in immediate danger, the quickest way to get help is to call an ambulance on 999.
What to do if someone is in immediate danger or experiencing a mental health crisis.

4. Try to create a support network

Speaking to family

Elena felt she had to 'be everything' for her mum when she was unwell.

Elana headshot

Elana, supported her mum

My problem is that I felt I was failing because I couldn't be everything. I set myself an unreasonable expectation - and then I failed at it.

'I thought that I could be everything for her. And one person cannot be everything for you. Every if I wanted to I couldn't.

Because I wanted to fix everything, I felt like I had to be there at all her chemo appointments. So we sat down as a family and said, "Everyone doesn't have to be there at every time. You are not letting her down by not being there."

We said, "Who's going to go with her this time?" And we took turns. That helped us as a familiy - it's not my dad's responsibility, it's not mine. We take on that responsibility as a family.'