Supporting someone with suicidal thoughts

If you think someone is in immediate danger, the quickest way to get help is to call an ambulance on 999.
What to do if someone is in immediate danger or experiencing a mental health crisis.

7. Looking after yourself

Supporting someone who is struggling can be distressing - especially if that person is in danger of taking their own life or harming themselves.

It’s important for you to make sure you’re okay too. Give yourself time to rest and process what’s happened. Remember that it’s okay to decide that you are no longer able to help someone and to let them know you won’t be contactable for a while.

If you need to talk about how you are feeling, please call Samaritans on 116 123, or email on [email protected].

If possible, it can be helpful to help establish a support network - of friends, family, mental health professionals, or other agencies or community members - for the person struggling.