If you think it's an emergency

2. In the moment

Research shows that when people are close to the point of attempting suicide, they might feel disassociated from others, the world around them, and even their own emotions - like they are in a bubble - and they sometimes might not show any visible signs of distress.

If someone is in this frame of mind, we can help them 'burst the bubble'. This can be done simply by reaching out and talking to them to help draw their attention back to the world around them - for example, asking simple questions that don't focus on why they are feeling the way they do, but just allows them to be present. It is important to make the suicidal person feel safe, connected and validated.

It might also be appropriate to try and move the person away from a dangerous location, for example, if you are able and it is safe to do so.

If you can, call an ambulance and, if you are not physically with the person in danger, try to arrange for someone to be there with them.