Samaritans’ policy and influencing work

Our policy and influencing work

In the addition to the services we provide, an important part of our work to reduce suicide is engaging with policymakers to make sure that the Government and other agencies are doing everything possible.

Alcohol misuse and suicide

The link between alcohol misuse and suicide is well established. A range of initiatives are needed to help tackle this complex problem to reduce suicide.

Bereavement by suicide

Every suicide has an impact on friends, families and the wider community. We're calling for improved support and information for people affected by suicide.

Suicide and the online environment

Online content can influence people at risk of suicide, and there have been several cases of people taking their own lives after accessing suicide-related content online.

Our work with the media

Research evidence shows that there is a strong link between depictions of suicide in the media and suicidal behaviour imitating those depictions.

Take action now

Suicide is not inevitable. Take part in Local Action Saves Lives and help reduce suicide in your area.