Samaritans' letter service 

Our letter service is run by volunteers who answer letters from people seeking emotional support. We also offer a freepost service in HM Prisons too.

What does the service involve?

Our letter service is run by volunteers at our Correspondence branch who all started out listening to callers in their local branches. 

When people write to us, letters arrive at our PO Box, where they are sorted and sent on to a volunteer, who writes back personally to the sender within a week. This way, a confidential and consistent conversation can start, that allows someone to feel listened to and supported. People choose to write to us for a number of reasons:

  • they might not have easy or private access to emails
  • prefer the feeling of putting pen to paper
  • prefer a personalised handwritten response.

Supporting people by letter

Offering our service by letter means we can offer ongoing and personal support to people who write to us. The people who write to us know that there will always be someone to listen and support them through a crisis or period of difficulty.

Write to us

Anyone can write to us, for free, and in confidence. You'll find the address on Samaritans' contact us pages and you don’t need a stamp.