Men on the Ropes campaign 2010

A Samaritan helped me find my strength

Welsh International rugby union referee Nigel Owens, of Pontyberem,
who attempted to take his own life, said:

"My depression started because I didn’t like who I was and I was too ashamed to talk to anyone."

"I let these feelings build up and up, and before I knew it I couldn’t see a reason to live anymore, which is why I tried to take my own life.

"That’s why this campaign is so important; because it has the power to make men aware help is available and that they should use it."

Nigel Owens

Face of the advertising campaign, David White, 43, a London IT contractor and amateur boxer, said:
"Like lots of men, I’ve faced and fought problems in my life. If I were to let these issues build up and up, there would only be a few possible outcomes – and none of them good, so I turned to boxing to punch stress out of my system.

"I realise now that talking about my worries can be as strong a defence as boxing.

"If this campaign can get even one man who is struggling with life to pick up the phone and talk to someone, then it’s been worthwhile.”

Network Rail funded the development of this campaign and supported it by providing advertising space in stations across Great Britain.

This campaign forms part of a five-year partnership between Network Rail and Samaritans, launched in January 2010, to reduce suicides on the railways by 20 per cent.