Text and online help coming in the future

A little known fact (we don’t like to blow our own trumpet) but we were the world’s first telephone helpline.

Since Samaritans started in 1953, we have had a reputation for being pioneers. And we’ve carried on building on that innovative beginning.

Text support

We do currently provide help via SMS but are only advertising the number in a limited way at the moment.

This is so we can be sure that we have enough volunteers to respond to people that contact us via text, and that we get back to them within an hour.

We hope to be able to advertise nationwide in the near future.

The Samaritans text service is amazing - no name, no face, no voice, just support. Thank you.

Online help

Similarly, we recognise the potential benefits of providing online help as one of our support services.

Some people might not want to talk on the phone or come into one our branches, but need a quicker response than we can offer from email or letter.

For this reason we are working to be able to offer online help – so those in need can talk to us online with instant response.

Support our work

We know these digital services could help people before it's too late.
But we’re a charity, and it’s your kind donations that allow us to advertise our text service more, and explore the possibilities of online help. If you can, please support us today.