Volunteers at Swindon station as part of We Listen campaign

Samaritans We Listen campaign
Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Swindon & District volunteers will be at Swindon Station today as part of the 'We Listen' campaign to talk to commuters

Samaritans volunteers in Swindon will be out and about bright and early at Swindon station on 23rd February, talking to travellers to promote the charity’s brand new ‘We Listen’ campaign.

Striking posters in railway stations across England, Scotland and Wales contain hidden messages where people claiming to be fine are not OK at all.  One says ‘I’m alright with being single I guess. It’s not ideal for the kids, but they seem to be coping’, the real message being, ‘I’m not coping’.

Supported by Network Rail and the wider rail industry, the campaign aims to show that while it’s easy to hide your feelings, when someone really listens you’re more likely to open up and start working through your problems.  Good listeners can unlock the potentially damaging secrets some people keep.  Samaritans are there for everyone and they don’t just hear you, they really listen.

In addition we have local coverage promoting the event.