Our research

Our research

Samaritans is committed to carrying out high quality research to develop our understanding in a number of areas:

  • The impact of our emotional support services
  • The needs of our callers
  • Mental health issues, including suicide prevention
  • Voluntary sector

Suicide: Facts and Figures

Only Samaritans routinely collects suicide statistics for the UK, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and ROI in one place.

Dying From Inequality

Dying from Inequality is Samaritans’ research findings on the link between suicide and those who come from a disadvantaged background.


Samaritans is committed to being a knowledgeable organisation. One of the ways we are working to achieve this is by undertaking literature reviews and internal research projects to help us understand the key issues and debates in:

  1. suicide and self harm research,
  2. effective ways of providing support to people in distress,
  3. and callers needs and experiences of using our services.

We use this to inform the development of our service and to inform our work to influence government policy.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Scowcroft, Research Manager.

ONS Statistics

These recently released 2015 figures, published by the Office for National Statistics, provide the most up-to-date and complete picture of suicide in the UK including information about the groups at greatest risk. 

Unravelling this complex picture is not easy, but it is necessary to enable effective action to reduce the large number of people who die by suicide. You can read Samaritans' response to these stastics in our research blog.

ONS Statistics Samaritans


If you would like to know more about our research projects please contact:
Dr Stephanie Stace, Senior Research & Evaluation Manager
Email: s.stace@samaritans.org
Tel: +44 (0)20 8394 8376