Media Guidelines in Ireland

Samaritans joins forces with Irish Association of Suicidology to promote responsible reporting of suicide:

Download the Samaritans and IAS Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide in Ireland (PDF)

Reporting on suicide is one of the most sensitive and difficult challenges facing journalists today and the Samaritans’ media guidelines provide an extremely useful and thought-provoking framework for us – one that every journalist should be aware of.

Kevin Bakhurst, Managing Director of News and Current Affairs, RTE

On average, over 6,000 people take their own lives by suicide each year across the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

Research shows that inappropriate reporting of suicide may lead to imitational behaviour.

They provide practical recommendations for reporting suicide across all media.

Supplementary factsheets

We have also produced a series of supplementary factsheets:

You can find out more in the Samaritans Media Centre.

Irish Association of Suicidology

The Irish Association of Suicidology (IAS) informs, educates and promotes positive suicide prevention policies throughout Ireland. Working with community, voluntary and statutory bodies the association endeavours to highlight various aspects of suicide within society to influence public policy and ensure that positive strategies and action are taken to reduce instances of suicide.

Suicide prevention is everybody’s business and requires coordinated action by all parts of society. The IAS provides a forum where expertise and knowledge on all aspects of suicidology can be shared.

Find our more about additional sources of help in Ireland.