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Go live, change lives

Whether you're a Twitch Partner or hitting that go live button for the first time, Just Chatting or streaming the latest gaming trend - you can raise vital funds and awareness for Samaritans through livestreaming.

If you’re an established content creator in your spare time, then you’ll know all about livestreaming but if you’re looking for something different to do for charity but have no idea what this is here’s a quick rundown:

Livestreaming is where you broadcast yourself live on the internet to an audience. You could be doing anything from playing videogames to baking, building models to just having a chat. And you can do this on a number of social media sites including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. Typically, when you’re running a livestream fundraiser for charity you ask for donations in return for doing fun or silly things like writing the name of your donor on your t-shirt or eating something gross (like a bite of a raw onion or unusual jellybean flavours).

So if you fancy taking part in Stream for Samaritans sign up today to get your free toolkit packed full of helpful info.

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