Why celebrities are supporting Samaritans this Brew Monday

Brew Monday is our takeover of 'Blue Monday', the third Monday in January, which has been dubbed ‘the most difficult day of the year’.

These celebri-TEAs share their stories of how a little conversation with friends, family and workmates has affected them.

Gemma Cairney

 “I travel lots with my work, which is in so many ways a blessing, but can sometimes mean that loneliness creeps in and haunts me.

“I call my friends as much as possible but I don’t think messaging always cuts the mustard. Nothing beats a big and lengthy phone chat.
“On Brew Monday, I’m gonna open my door to all my mates in my town and say anyone’s welcome over for a brew and biscuit.”

Joe Talbot from IDLES

 “I've been saved so many times by my friends just listening to me without judgement. I think their patience has been huge. It has given me a sense of power, knowing I can be weak and that others will support me. 

“On Brew Monday, I'm going to spend it with a friend who I know is struggling, I've been away for three months on tour and I just want to let him know I'm there.”

Dr Alex George

“When I was in medical school, away from home, I felt incredibly isolated.  I was lucky to have some of my university friends out there with me and they noticed I was feeling down and went out of their way to talk to me about how I was feeling. Something as simple as someone listening to my problems made a huge difference.

On Brew Monday I will cook for my housemate and set aside some time to reach out to old friends.”

Hussain Manawer

 “Thankfully my friends are like Avengers. They know me well enough to know when I'm feeling a bit low and they reach out. And it works both ways, we all look out for each other. It makes the world of difference, mainly because they are making you feel valued as a person and can help remind you of your self-worth.

“I have learnt that it’s ok to reach out and let friends know you are present for them regardless of their situation.”

Interested in finding out more about Brew Monday?

There are lots of ways you can support Samaritans this Brew Monday. Help spread the word, donate to the cause, or take part in our political action. You can also host your own Brew Monday event whatever date works best for you.