Loneliness, suicide and young people

Our report looks into the relationship between loneliness and suicide in young people, and if or how they may be connected.

Image of young person staring out of window - loneliness and young people

Our findings

We spoke to young people across England and most of them told us that their loneliness played a role in causing their suicidal thoughts.

Worryingly, many of them said they didn’t feel able to ask for help with loneliness because of the stigma around it. And when people did ask for help, it often wasn’t available or suitable for their needs.

There is rarely one reason for a person to feel suicidal. Just as with suicide, loneliness is complex. It is a personal experience that is different for every person, but across the population we found that there is an association between suicide and loneliness.

Our recommendations

We need to listen to what young people are telling us: many of them are struggling with loneliness, it can be a serious health issue and preventing it could be an important part of suicide prevention.

We’re calling on the Government to:

  • Set out ambitious targets across their plans to improve wellbeing in young people, including tackling loneliness.
  • Roll out national campaigns to tackle stigma that young people are experiencing around loneliness.
  • Increase public health funding for loneliness and ensure this is directed towards services that help young people connect with their communities.

We’re asking all our supporters to take action and email the UK Government’s Minister for Loneliness, Mims Davies MP. Take part here to help put young people at the heart of action.