Background to the Call to Action working group

What is the Call to Action for Suicide Prevention?

The Call to Action consisted of national organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sectors in England taking action so that:

  1. fewer lives are lost to suicide
  2. people bereaved or affected by a suicide receive the right support.

The Call to Action is to mobilise the action that is needed from across sectors to successfully support those at risk of suicide, reduce suicide and support people affected by a suicide.

The success of the Call to Action Declaration (PDF) meant members confirmed they wanted to continue as a standing alliance of organisations, called the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

What is required to reduce suicide?

Many suicides can be prevented. Reducing suicide requires action by many stakeholders across all sectors, because suicidal behaviour is related to so many varied factors.

Suicidal feelings and behaviour are usually the result of a complex set of issues in someone’s life, and that means many different agencies all need to play a role in identifying and supporting people at risk.

Why was the Call to Action needed at this time?

In the current economic climate, and where we are seeing significant changes to the provision of health services, it is so important to focus attention on suicide prevention, and not to allow this issue to be lost from the agenda. 

How does the Call to Action relate to the Government’s new suicide prevention strategy?

The Government strategy provides the framework for suicide prevention nationally and locally. Government leadership and action on suicide prevention is vital and the new strategy for suicide prevention in England is welcome.

The Call to Action complements Government’s strategy.