Coping Strategies

This theme contains activities for students to learn about different ways of coping and what influences the way we cope with events in our lives.

There are opportunities to explore the consequences of the choices we make and for students to reflect on how they can build resilience by developing a variety of coping mechanisms.





Coping with changes

1 hour

  • To recognise different changes that may happen in our lives.
  • To consider appropriate strategies to cope with change.

Managing stress: making choices

1 hour

  • To understand that we all have control over how we react to a challenge or stressor.
  • To understand the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • To be able to use some problem solving skills.
  • To recognise that how we react and cope is individual to each of us.

Being assertive

1 hour

  • To recognise how being assertive can help in expressing feelings.
  • To be able to speak assertively.
  • To consider how being assertive can help manage conflict.

Building resilience

1 hour

  • That there are a range of coping strategies that we can use.
  • To understand that everyone experiences problems from time to time.
  • That resilience is about working through challenging times.

Positive thinking

1 hour

  • To be able to reframe a thought to improve how we feel about a situation.
  • To consider that everyone is different.
  • How thoughts affect how we feel.
  • How positive self-talk can help us cope with difficult situations.

Coping: exam stress

20 mins

  • That everyone has different ways of coping with exam stress.
  • That some coping strategies are more helpful than others.

Coping with pressures

20 mins

  • To understand that pressures can impact on our thoughts and feelings.
  • To understand that we have a choice as to how we react to feelings.

Being positive

20 mins

  • To recognise positive qualities about ourselves.
  • How positive talk affects how we feel.
  • To be able to turn a negative statement into a positive one.

Assessment activity

20 mins

  • To summarise learning about coping strategies.
  • To use humour to offer advice to others.

Digital Resources

All the free digital resources to complement the coping stategies sessions can be found here.