Supporting local railway stations

Deaths or serious injuries on the railways can have a huge impact on those involved.

Supporting train stations following a traumatic incident

Samaritans branches support their local railway stations to help those affected by potentially traumatic incidents. In the hours, days or weeks after an incident Samaritans volunteers can be called upon to attend a station to be there for any staff or passengers affected.

This post-incident support service to railway stations has become more widely available through the development of close relationships with train operating companies as a result of the Network Rail partnership, signed in 2010. 

“Following a traumatic incident the support and reassurance this service offers to those that may have been involved or a witness to it is immeasurable.”  Network Rail

Trauma support training for rail managers

In addition to the support provided locally by branches, Samaritans also delivers training to people managers within the rail industry. Trauma Support Training is designed to equip attendees with the skills to help them when their colleagues may be suffering from trauma after an incident, as well as giving them the skills to talk with them and if needed refer them on to further support. This training has been delivered to over 1,300 rail managers and British Transport Police officers to date and continues to be hugely well received.

First Capital Connect (now GTR) delegate: “This was by a long way the best course I've attended during my railway career.”

Network Rail delegate:“Thoroughly enjoyed a very informative session. It will make me more aware of how I interact with other people.”


Supporting the local community through railway stations

Samaritans volunteers also attend stations to meet with local people, raise awareness of Samaritans’ services and talk to anyone who may need support. 


Understanding and preventing rail suicides

As part of our partnership with Network Rail, Samaritans is also working with the rail industry to help prevent rail suicides. This work includes delivery of a suicide prevention course to frontline rail staff. This course has been adapted for the rail industry and provides the skills and confidence to approach someone in need, encourage them to talk, and lead them to a place of safety. The course also teaches some of the listening skills that underpin Samaritans services, which are as relevant in home life as they are at work.

Please see our partnerships page for more detail on this work.