Volunteering in prisons

Our award winning Prison Listener scheme has been a huge success and we often have volunteers express an interest in joining the team.

Hear from Maureen and Stella, volunteers who have trained Samaritans Prison Listeners.


People often express interest in becoming involved in our prison support work.

Usually, Samaritans who volunteer in prisons are more experienced volunteers. It is recommended that they have been members of their branch for at least six months, before applying to the branch prison support team.  Each application is considered on an individual basis, and volunteers will need to be cleared by the prisons security team.

It is important to understand that volunteering in prisons, like any outreach work, is taken on in addition to the core service we provide by phone or email.

The first step to exploring your interest in prison support is to find out more about becoming a Samaritans volunteer.  Your local branch would be delighted to hear from you.

Find out who we partner with to deliver our Prisoner Listening scheme.