Volunteer story - Bobbi

Bobbi found her Samaritans training helped her become the woman she was meant to be.

Bobbi, Samaritans volunteer"My hands were shaking. I had the appearance of a woman, although my birth gender was male. I’d been out as a trans woman many times but today was different. I was off to a Samaritans recruitment day and starting to wonder why on earth I decided to do this!

So why did I decide to volunteer? I had not used the organisation in the past, but another transgender person I knew was a volunteer. It occurred to me that I could do that too, but I was hesitant. Was this the right time for me to start the training? I was a dual-role transvestite – a person who appears as either gender for purposes other than sexual. The plan was to do some voluntary work as my female persona as a dry-run for my future plan of living full-time as a woman.

The day wasn’t as scary as I had feared. The other five potential volunteers were very accepting of me. It was certainly a very different kind of interview to a job interview. When I’d arrived I’d been unsure as to whether or not I wanted to be selected, but left enthusiastic about the whole organisation.

I did become a Samaritan and the training was a very important part of my life. Having to be my female self for reasons other than social made me realise that living as a woman for the rest of my life was something I could achieve. My fellow recruits and the trainers were probably more important in helping me make the decision to go ‘full-time’ then they realise. 

I don’t think I would be anywhere near where I am now without having been involved with Samaritans. Being accepted by all the other volunteers has helped me enormously with my confidence, and I love living my life as the way I should have been born."