Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Hear some of the reasons they chose to become Samaritans.

Hear from our volunteers


Helen has been involved with Brighton Samaritans for a number of years. Hear about her experiences of being a listening volunteer and the types of calls she receives. 


Enda is a Regional Marketing Officer for Samaritans and an Air Traffic Controller by day.


Lexy joined Samaritans after being a part of Nightline while at university.


Lynsey volunteers for Festival Samaritans and finds the experience of supporting people has helped our learn about life and about people.


Nicola used her news and PR skills to help promote the work of her branch and raise awareness of Samaritans.

Gerald and Julia

Married couple Gerald and Julia learned acceptance, tolerance, patience and a sense of perspective on life from their time as volunteers.


Charlotte manages her branch of Samaritans at the age of 23.

Julia and Joanna

The twins signed up after seeing the work their branch of Samaritans was
doing in the local community.


Michelle finds being a Samaritans volunteer helps her relate better to others.


Herbie realised how rewarding it was to help others, and wanted a flexible way to volunteer


Bobbi wasn't sure if she wanted to be a volunteer, but was very enthusiastic after an introductory chat



Rebecca wanted to help people that were depressed.


Elaine joined Samaritans 25 years ago.


Elizabeth grew up on the same street as Darlington Samaritans


Jack had more time to volunteer for Samaritans when he retired.


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