Volunteer at night

Samaritans are on the hunt for new volunteers to light up the night for callers by offering emotional support for people struggling to cope.

Samaritans listening volunteers are there for people who need to talk any time of the day or night.

We need more volunteers at night to listen to our callers, so that we can make sure we can be there for more people who need us.

Night time can be a particularly difficult time for some people and our volunteers often say that the calls they take during the night are the ones that they feel have made the biggest difference:

It does feel, I think you get more of a sense of privilege. You are there on the phone at 4am with somebody and you think, there are very few other places they can go at that point and that increases the feeling that you are there right beside them.

Would you say you are a night-owl? Do you work shifts that mean you are used to being awake in the early hours? Could you be a night time volunteer and be there for those people for who the night time is a particularly difficult or lonely time?


All our volunteers receive full support and training to ensure they are confident and equipped to listen to others and help them work through their problems.

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