Real Christmas

Christmas isn't all Instagram filters and perfect presents. 

Whether it's family difficulties, money problems, or feeling lonely, it can be a difficult time, and Samaritans are urging all of us to get real this Christmas. 

Whether you're looking to support those around you or searching for a Christmas gift that means something, make sure you have a #RealChristmas, and share your Real Christmas stories here.

Sometimes, Christmas isn't everything you'd hoped.

When you're surrounded by images of the 'perfect Christmas', it's easy to lose sight of what's really going on in our own and other's lives.

By being honest about our #RealChristmas we can encourage a healthier attitude towards mental health both at Christmas and all year round.

At Samaritans, we're encouraging everyone to get back to basics. If you want to help support your friends and family this Christmas, why not make them a voucher to show that you've always got time for them, or read our guide to help you really listen this Christmas. 

To celebrate my first Christmas living away from my parents, I decided I would be a 'proper adult' and host my whole family for Christmas. They got snowed in, and I spent Christmas Day with my cat. We shared the turkey. Luke, Middlesbrough 

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