Science Museum: Information Age Gallery, launching September 2014

Samaritans is involved in a very exciting project with the Science Museum. Construction is underway for Information Age, a ground-breaking new gallery that will be the world’s foremost celebration of information and communication technologies. The £15.6m gallery will use sophisticated interactive displays and engaging participative experiences to reveal personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by communication innovations over the last 200 years.

The gallery will be divided into six zones highlighting some of the most important developments in communication technology, from telephony to the World Wide Web. One of the stories highlighting the effect of the telephone on social interaction is the founding of Samaritans’ listening service. The Science Museum is working with us to develop an authentic representation of the organisation, its beginnings and how telephone technology was utilised to create a service that could offer confidential help from a distance.

A group of volunteers and supporters from different Samaritans branches are working with the Museum on the project to share personal stories about their involvement with the charity. These stories will then be included in the new gallery for visitors to listen to. Felicity Varah-Harding, and a small group of Samaritans staff are supporting the Museum to tell the broader story of the foundation of the organisation, its history and impact.

The gallery will occupy the largest exhibition space in the Museum, and feature hundreds of unique objects from the Science Museum’s world class collections, many of which have never been seen before. Rare exhibits will include the extremely sensitive instruments which detected the first transatlantic telegraph messages in 1858 and the BBC’s first radio transmitter 2LO.

The Information Age gallery will launch in September 2014 at the Science Museum and will be free for all visitors: