Becky runs for Samaritans

On 5 May 2012 Becky’s older sister Lucy took her own life, she was just 22 years old.  

Becky shares her memories of Lucy, her experience of losing someone to suicide, and what she is doing to raise awareness of Samaritans service:
Twenty-two year old Becky is studying to become a PE teacher. She lives in Reigate, Surrey with her parents and older sister Emma.
My sister Lucy was just a year older than me - my birthday falls on 5 October and Lucy’s is 11 October, so each year there is six days in between our birthdays where we are the same age.
I remember when we were little, for those six days we would pretend to be twins and used to wear the same outfits. 
I have another sister, Emma, who is 26, and all through our lives the three of us were really tight, we used to do everything together. Family is the most important thing to me and we loved spending time together.
I have some fantastic memories of family holidays, which I will cherish forever.
Lucy’s death came as a total surprise to us all, no one saw it coming. We all knew that she had mood swings, and she did go to the doctor, but she wasn’t diagnosed with any kind of illness or problem. 
Outwardly, Lucy was a very bubbly and fun person. She had a big circle of friends who she loved and who loved her. Even though we were a tight-knit family, Lucy didn't really talk about her feelings and found it hard expressing her emotions.
She loved us all but didn't love herself or her life, it was a struggle for her and she wanted some peace.
We were devastated when we found out Lucy had taken her own life, and are still completely gutted that she felt that suicide was her only option. Lucy left us a letter explaining how she felt - it was heart-breaking and really difficult to comprehend. 
Life was really tough after Lucy’s death. As a family we supported each other as best as possible. I don’t think you ever really come to terms with losing such a big figure in your life.
It is almost a year since Lucy died now. A month before Lucy’s death she asked me if I wanted to run London marathon with her. Unfortunately the deadline for applications had closed, so we said we’d try next year.
After Lucy passed away, I got in touch with Samaritans as I wanted to run for a charity close to my heart, one that helps people that are going through similar things to Lucy and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather run for.
Running the marathon was a goal my sister set out to achieve, so I am really proud to run in her memory.
I am running with my cousin Sylvia and we are very excited about the challenge ahead. 
I am looking forward to wearing my Samaritans running vest and seeing all my friends and family cheering Sylvia and I on.  I’m worried that it is going to be a very emotional day, and I hope I am able to keep myself together until the finish line.
If anyone can spare a few pennies or pounds to sponsor me and help to raise vital funds for Samaritans, please visit: