The Call to Action for suicide prevention

Samaritans has been facilitating a Call to Action for Suicide Prevention in England, alongside the Government’s suicide prevention strategy.

The Call to Action emphasised a co-ordinated approach from Government, public services, voluntary groups, the private sector and communities, in order to better support people at risk of suicide.
It mobilised organisations from across sectors, identifying shared priorities and highlighting key areas for action.
Following successful collaboration between partners in the development and launch of the Call to Action Declaration, members confirmed they wanted to continue as a standing alliance of organisations, committed to reducing suicide and progressing the shared aims identified via the Call to Action.
This is known as the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA).

Read the Call to Action declaration (PDF)

Read the National Suicide Prevention Alliance Annual Review and summary of the Call to Action

Personal support

Please note that if you are looking for emotional support, please contact our helpline on 116 123 or email