Why Ruth is supporting Brew Monday

“The most valuable thing is someone just checking in on you”

Ruth is a 19-year-old footballer. She lives with depression and was first diagnosed at 14, put on medication and referred to Community Mental Health Services.

Ruth particularly struggled when she was 17 and was prescribed new medication. Within four days, she self-harmed for the first time and was taken to A&E by her dad. Ruth credits her parents as the reason why she didn’t take her own life.

When Ruth was 18, she attended a local university and moved out of home. During this time, her mental health deteriorated – she as self-harming and took an overdose.

After she was discharged from hospital, the University told her they did not have the resources to support her and that she had to defer her place. She moved back home and all the care she had stopped because she was in a different area.

“I felt like all the support I had was suddenly cut. I remember for weeks just being alone and not being able to deal with anyone or anything.”

“I’m sociable person and it’s very unusual for me to feel lonely because I have a strong network of people around me. I think the most valuable thing for me on a day to day basis, is just people checking in on me. It makes you feel so much less lonely and like someone’s got your back.”


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