Gina's Story

"One evening I took steps to end my life. Before I went through with it I thought I’d try giving Samaritans a call."

The funds you raise at your Brew Monday event can help us support more people like Gina.

Gina, who is supporting Samaritans' Brew Monday

“I suffered with depression and began to feel overwhelmed with my work load.”

 “The simplest of tasks became increasingly difficult to the point where I felt I could not function like I used to. I became so stressed I began contemplating suicide and that’s when I reached out to Samaritans.”

“I called because I was embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn't handle my work load and pressures. I didn’t feel confident to tell friends or family. But with Samaritans it was okay, they didn’t judge me, they just listened.”

“They gave me courage and the strength to keep going that night. Thanks to that volunteer I got home safely that night.”

 “Samaritans supported me in my darkest times, especially when my depression affected my work so much so that I ended up losing my job because of it. They got me through and I feel so much more comfortable with talking about everything.”

Gina, 24