Improving Wellbeing in the workplace

Not many of us look forward to January, we’re all spent out and it’s dark by 4. Have you ever wondered how to help your colleagues get over the hump? We’re asking companies to give their team a boost by taking time out to have a chat over a cuppa, whilst raising vital funds for Samaritans.

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Brew Monday – image of a Brew Monday tea party with cookies

Last year Hachette UK took part in Brew Monday. We spoke to Joanna Kramer, co-lead of the Wellbeing Network about Brew Monday and the benefits of partnering with Samaritans. 

  1. Why did you choose to hold a Brew Monday? What was the main benefit to your business?

Our Wellbeing Network was established in 2017 with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of our staff by working towards a healthier and more supportive working environment. Many of our staff were already aware of Samaritans’ great work in this area, and we were happy to support Brew Monday, as it was a positive event that promoted talking and listening, which are key to wellbeing. The benefits to the business are many: charitable giving always increases staff morale, but the day really got people talking about wellbeing, which raised the profile of the network and thus helped to improve staff wellbeing.

  1. Was it successful in engaging colleagues? What did they say about it?

We raised a decent amount of money and heard from several people that they thought the day was a great idea. It was highly successful in engaging colleagues and getting people talking.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about Brew Monday 2019?

Our partnership with Samaritans has evolved significantly over the course of 2018, so we’re looking forward to holding Brew Monday again with our staff now that we’re much closer to Samaritans and their mission. We’re sure that we’ll reach even more people and engage staff even more in 2019.

Top tips to make your Brew Monday tea party a triumph

  • Any Monday can be a Brew Monday. Join us on Monday 21 January or any other day in January!
  • Why not hold your Brew Monday over a lunch hour? Your colleagues will be free and hungry so the perfect opportunity to sell cake and raise money over a brew.
  • Place your Brew collection in your reception area throughout January to maximise donations.
  • Support your colleagues through ‘Dry January’ with a tea fuelled Brew Monday party.
  • Get your Brew booked in early, so you can spread the word and get everyone involved. Fix the date in December so you’ll be all set to go come January 2019.
  • Pay in all your hard-earned cash online here.

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Your support will help fund our lifesaving service