Brew Monday

By having a brew, you can help save lives
On January 21 celebrit-teas joined thousands of people who came together for a cuppa, a chat and to banish the winter blues.
This Brew Monday, we encouraged everyone to reach out to people who might be feeling lonely.
A big thank you to everyone who put the kettle on, baked and raised money for Samaritans. Every £5 can help save a life.

Why take part in Brew Monday 2019

  Spread the message that listening can save a life 

  Ensure the Government’s strategy on tackling loneliness protects the most vulnerable people 

  Promote talking, listening and wellbeing  

  Help provide support which makes a real difference to the lives of thousands

  Enjoy a cuppa and a chat with your friends!

Over 1,324 people call Samaritans for vital support every single day. You can help provide this life-saving service by raising money on Brew Monday.

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