What if I have mental health issues?

We provide the same support to people with mental health issues as we do for anyone else.

Samaritans offers a safe place to talk and be listened to.

Samaritans support everyone

If you have a mental health diagnosis, you can talk about it with us, or you may want to talk to us about something else that’s troubling you, and that’s fine too.

Many mental health organisations and professionals recommend Samaritans to people in need of support, especially when other services are closed or unavailable.

But please remember we’re not trained mental health professionals. When you talk about your diagnosis or medication we may not always be familiar with the medical terms

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed…contacting Samaritans gives me space to reground myself so I'm in a better position to cope

It’s not the label that’s important to us, but what the experience is like for you. People with the same diagnosis may have very different experiences. We’ll explore what living with your mental health issue means for you.

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