Watch our Digital Futures videos

We spoke to experts in a range of areas about what could be done to help people in the online environment. Here's what they had to say.

Watch our Digital Futures videos

As part of our Digital Futures project, we've sought to consult as widely as possible with a range of people from differing backgrounds so that we can provide the best service possible.

Alongside our work with the public, we're speaking to experts from the technology, privacy, social media, service delivery and research fields.

We held a discussion day to bring experts together and to help us understand some of the data, privacy and technical issues associated with developing online services, and you can see what some of our experts thought in YouTube windows below or on our YouTube channel.

Watch the whole playlist here. Jonathon Scourfield discusses online communities
Victoria Betton talks about social media Joe Ferns talks about trust in the online enviornment
Jon Mendel discusses online credibility A round-up of views from our discussion day