Give the gift of listening this Christmas and save a life

Give the gift of listening this Christmas and save a life

It will be lonely this Christmas for anyone dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings.

If you’re already going through a tough time, we know how the festive season can make everything feel worse. Whether you’re on your own or feel like you’re alone in a crowd. Which is why we’ll have more than 10,000 volunteers answering calls across the UK and Ireland over Christmas and into the New Year.

On Christmas Day itself, we expect around 1 in 3 calls we answer to be from people feeling lonely and isolated – for a whole range of different reasons. If that’s you, then that’s OK. Whatever you’re going through, we’ll face it with you.

Donate to Samaritans this Christmas

1 in 3 calls to Samaritans on Christmas Day are from people like Helen, who feel lonely and isolated. This could be the most important gift you give this year. 


Emma's Christmas Story

"I will never forget what that Samaritan did for me on that day. They gave me the biggest gift possible – the gift of life."


#GiveTheGift of listening by making and giving vouchers to your loved ones for your time. Share them, email them or download and print them!

Give the gift of listening with Samaritans Christmas vouchers

We're there for people like Emma this Christmas


Your generous support means we can answer more calls from people like Emma. Give the gift of listening and help save a life this Christmas.

Your kind gift will help us answer around 400,000 calls for help in December.