Wellbeing in the City

Three out of five people have experienced mental health issues due to work. But just one in ten tell their manager. Together we can change this. We want to create workplaces where employees feel supported and where no one has to cope alone.

The Wellbeing in the City programme teaches people the skills to manage their own emotional health and look out for others, before they reach crisis point.

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In partnership with

Samaritans has created two interactive online programmes which bring our active listening expertise into the workplace: Samaritans Active Listening Skills and Samaritans Wellbeing Toolkit.

Our introductory video below provides an overview of how the tools work, and what situations they can help with.

You can learn at your own pace, at your desk or at home. In as little as five minutes, you can learn skills that will help you understand the importance of emotional health and have the confidence to reach out to a colleague, friend or family member who might be struggling to cope. 

Will you help us create happier, healthier workplaces? 

You’re in good company

After an initial trial of Wellbeing in the City, 100% of PwC employees who used the tool now feel more comfortable talking about their own mental health. PwC is now rolling out the programme companywide. And they’re not alone. These are just some of the companies that have already signed up:

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