Teesside Samaritans exclusively receives letter from Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent

Wednesday 21st October 2015
The Duchess was Patron of Samaritans for over 25 years.

It isn't every day you receive a handwritten note from a member of the Royal Family. It was the last thing that Anthony, one of Teesside Samaritans' volunteers expected when he initially wrote to the Duchess. 

"I was reading about the history of Samaritans and learnt as well as being Patron of Samaritans for many years, Her Royal Highness was also a listening volunteer. I have only been with Teesside Samaritans for a short amount of time but thought it so inspiring that a royal duchess was involved to that level, especially being aware of the training and dedication that comes with listening. I wrote to the Duchess expressing these thoughts. I also mentioned that The North East was recently named as the region with the highest rate of suicides - 14 suicides for every 100,000 members of the population." 

"I received a letter from St James's Palace. I sent an email expressing my gratitude and to my amazement, I got a reply saying that the Duchess "would be delighted" to write a short piece for Teesside Samaritans. It completely took me by surprise; I hadn't even suggested the idea. It is clear the Duchess is both a wonderfully kind person and values Samaritans to this day."

With the Her Royal Highness's gracious permission, we are allowed to share that note. 



A note from HRH The Duchess of Kent

On behalf of Teesside Samaritans, we thank Her Royal Highness for her very great kindness and cannot express our gratitude enough.


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