What is it Like to Be a WYSA?

Govind is one of our Young Ambassadors.

Here, he talks about his experience with Wakefield Young Samaritans Ambassadors.


I joined Wakefield Young Samaritans Ambassadors in the middle of February 2015.

I joined because I was looking for something to do for my Duke of Edinburgh volunteering section.
Most people worked at charity shops but I wanted to do something more substantial, where there are opportunities to learn things and help people.
I’ve had experience with charity donations, but I wanted to be helping charities, and I wanted to help organisations in more meaningful ways than working in shops for them.
I was looking for volunteering opportunities when I found out about WYSA, and I recognised Samaritans.

I really wanted to help with Samaritans, but since I was too young and I lacked the training to actually volunteer for Samaritans, I decided to join WYSA.
I agree with the main principles of Samaritans and respect the work that they are doing, which benefits our community and helps thousands of people around the country.

I have been a part of WYSA for over a year now and I have learned quite a bit about how Samaritans works.
I have learned about the training that volunteers go through and how the process to become a volunteer is actually quite selective.
I have also learned a bit about fundraising, and last year WYSA ran a bake sale to raise funds, which I helped with.
This year we are running a “Disney Movie Event” where we will show Disney movies to help raise funds for Samaritans.

In the future I want to help raise funds and awareness for Samaritans a lot more, and help to increase the presence of Samaritans around my community, so that people will know that any time that they have a problem and want to speak anonymously and confidentially, they can contact Samaritans.