Manchester or Maltesers?

Thursday 31st August 2017
Turning her back on the Maltesers, Dr Katie Wadsworth is running to catch up

Katie says, "I'm not a runner. Reluctantly, after two thirds of my house of three girls ran a 10K race in April, I felt I should maybe jump on the bandwagon instead of staying at home eating Maltesers... I still eat plenty of Maltesers but have also decided to train for the Manchester Half Marathon alongside my two housemates, instead of cheering them on from the sidelines."

"I've never done a race like this before but have chosen the Samaritans to run it for, since they're a cause I really care about. Being a doctor, I recommend the service to my patients almost daily, and have seen it as a really positive lifeline for people. My mum and brother have also been volunteering with them for a number of years and I'd love to be able to support them, in any way I can."

"Please donate if you can. If not, messages of support (or bags of Malteasers) would be wonderful too! Here's my VirginMoneyGiving page, any amount will be gratefully received. Also, if you are on social media, please share this page using Facebook and Twitter links below."