Samaritans visit Mothers Union at Prescot Church

Tuesday 17th October 2017
Listening Volunteers visit local group to raise awareness

Last week, two of our volunteers, Sophie 1 and Alan 2 gave a talk to the Mothers Union at Prescot Church, as one in a series of monthly talks from a variety of speakers. 

Sophie 1 said: ‘We spoke about who the Samaritans are, why the organisation was set up, what we do and then finished off with a section about ‘active listening’. It was heartening to hear individuals share personal stories of troubles with their own mental health and also of people they had known who had died by suicide. There was a lot of sense of trust in the room and people said how grateful they were that our service is here for those needing emotional support. Some individuals wanted to make sure that we were ok too and wanted to check if we could cope with the more distressing calls; we were obviously able to reassure them that there is a very robust support system in place and that we use it to make sure that we can confidently continue with our volunteering role. At the end of the talk, the group were very generous with donations for our branch and we even got a few hugs, lots of handshakes and thank-yous! (And I’ve since been invited back to speak about my day job as a humanist celebrant!)’


The group at Mothers Union at Prescot Church also raised £53 for our branch. Thank you to our volunteers for raising awareness and thank you to those that attended for their attention and support.


If you would like to invite Samaritans to your organisation please contact to find out more.