About Samaritans of Kirkcaldy

Who We Are

Samaritans of Kirkcaldy have been serving the community since 1970. Based at 246 St Clair Street in Kirkcaldy, we are made up of a team of almost 40 volunteers, from all different backgrounds, who all work together to keep the branch running. By being one of the 201 branches across the UK and Ireland, we help to make sure the Samaritans service is available 24/7 for those who are going through a difficult time.

What we do

At Samaritans, we provide emotional support to people from all over the UK and Ireland via telephone and SMS and sometimes from even further afield via email. The branch is also open at certain times for face to face callers.

Other services that we carry out include:

  • Visiting local schools and colleges to offer information and help raise awareness
  • Offering support at Victoria hospital

  • supporting patients who have recently been discharged from the local psychiatric hospital

  • working with Dunfermline branch to help run a listeners scheme at Glenochil prison


Volunteer with us

"As a Samaritan volunteer, I feel that I get a lot back from what I do. The satisfaction of helping people to make some sense of what they are experiencing, and possibly even helping them to move on in a positive way"  Kirkcaldy volunteer

Samaritans wouldn't survive without its dedicated volunteers. Each volunteer at Kirkcaldy is committed to Samaritans' vision that “fewer people die by suicide.” As well as offering emotion support to people who are in distress, volunteers also help with other vital roles like:

  • fundraising

  • outreach

  • public speaking at local events

  • finance and administration

  • building and I.T. maintenance

Interested on volunteering with us? We host information sessions throughout the year at the branch where you can meet a team of current volunteers who can answer any questions you may have. You can find out the dates on our branch homepage, or click on the 'Volunteer at this branch' icon. 

Want to get involved but don't think you can volunteer? There are many other ways you can support out branch, such as fundraising. We are a non-profit organisation, and rely on the generous contributions of others to keep us running.