Hull Samaritans - Aviva Community Fund

Sunday 10th May 2015
Our Aviva Community Fund project is "Sam School" - a project to support the local youth in developing a greater emotional awareness. Please vote for us!

Sam School - A project to support the local youth in developing a greater emotional awareness. 

The project that we are proposing to run would be a Samaritan school for local school children that have been nominated by their school to participate in the programme. The projects aim is to improve emotional awareness of the younger generation so that they can better support themselves and people around them during times of despair. 

The Samaritan school will run over six consecutive weeks at the Hull branch of the Samaritans, and upon completion of the course the young people will receive a certificate and small ceremony rewarding their new found knowledge. 

We believe that this type of course, to help young people develop a greater emotional awareness, will be of great benefit not only for the young person who has taken the course but for their friends and family. The ripple effect from this course will be huge. 

As our video clip demonstrates it is so easy for us to say ‘I’m fine.’, when things are bubbling up under the surface for us, and as we begin to struggle more and more it becomes more and more difficult to change what we have been saying and admit the way we are really feeling. The course will help develop young people’s emotional awareness, so that when they are distressed or despairing they are able to recognise these feelings and act accordingly to help alleviate them. This project will also highlight that it is perfectly fine to reach out for help when they need too, and that there are various mediums of support available to them should they need it. 

We are bombarded by statistics which are shocking about the growing mental health problems of our population, and the growing numbers of young people suffering with their own mental health issues is extremely worrying. We want this opportunity to reach out and our local youth and provide them a greater understanding of their own emotional health. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please vote for this project at the following site...