Samaritans run a responsible reporting media workshop in Gloucester

Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Lorna Fraser, Samaritans Media Adviser visited Gloucester to run a media workshop for press and communications teams.

We were delighted to work with 2gether NHS Trust and Gloucestershire County Council in hosting this important event and pleased that colleagues from the media and other organisations invested the time to come and learn more about both the positive and negative impact the reporting of suicide can have, depending on the approach taken.

Wenna Tudor from 2gether shared the personal story of Simon, who felt that national media reporting had contributed to his suicidal ideation. Sophie Flowers from Gloucestershire Live explained that locally they always try to be balanced and not to include exessive information, consistent with the IPSO code and with their position as part of our community.

Samritans "Responsible Reporting" guidelines can be found on our website, please take a look.

Two main conclusions emerged, firstly that closer partnership work would enable us to better serve our communities, a commitment that we all made. Secondly that personal stories "Lived experiences" of experiencing suicidal thoughts and finding the support that allowed people to manage and overcome them, were powerful tools.

If you have been affected by this issue and would like to talk to us in please ring 116 123, if you would like more information on media guidelines, please email