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Correspondence branch

Writing to Samaritans

If you find it difficult to talk about your problems and are more comfortable writing things down, why not drop us a line? Our address is:

PO Box 9090

We aim to respond within seven days and after we send the reply, all letters are shredded. Spelling and grammar don't matter and you don't need a stamp. We may not be able to make everything better but between you and a trained Samaritan, you may be able to see a way forward. We won't share what you say, or any personal or contact details with anyone. The exceptions to this are listed here (if you aren't sure about any part of our confidentiality policy, ask us when you write). So why not give it a try - you have absolutely nothing to lose.

You can read more about writing to Samaritans here.

About Samaritans Correspondence branch

Our branch is unusual in that it does not have a centre for volunteers to work from. Instead, letters are sent to a box number where they are opened by a fully trained Samaritan who then posts them to either the person you have previously written to or to one of the other specially trained Samaritans who responds to letters.

Support to prisoners

In 2008 we worked hard to bring a confidential freepost envelope scheme to prisons. Through our campaign work, prison authorities agreed that letters to and from prisoners using the specially licensed Samaritan envelopes would not be read by prison officers.

Envelopes are available in most prisons in England, Wales and Scotland.

You can read more about Samaritans' confidential freepost envelope scheme for prisoners here.

Fundraising for Samaritans Correspondence

The branch is a registered charity and is entirely run by unpaid volunteers.

Costs are kept to the absolute minimum but our annual budget is still around £15,000. We use this to pay for:

  • Postage and stationery
  • Freepost envelopes
  • Confidential Freepost envelopes for prisoners
  • Telephone costs (for internal meetings)
  • Ongoing training and support for volunteers

Donations help us continue our important work.

You can send a cheque or postal order to Samaritan Correspondence Branch, using the donation form here.

Training other Samaritans

Correspondence branch volunteers are fully trained Samaritans who also receive special training in letter writing. This training is ongoing and over the years, we have been able to provide workshops for other Samaritan branches concentrating on the skills required when responding to emails.

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