Volunteer with the Cardiff Samaritans

Would you like to volunteer with this Branch?  The Branch is run by volunteers and we are always looking for people who can join our vibrant and dynamic team.

Volunteer with the Cardiff Samaritans

Listening Volunteers

Our listening volunteers are the people that answer the phones and support the callers.  We also support callers by email and face-to-face.  All our listening volunteers, once they have gone through the selection process, attend a strong training  programme and during their time at the Branch they receive training throughout the year. If you think that you have the ability to be a listening volunteer then take a look at our training programme for more information.

Support Volunteers

If being a listening volunteer is not for you, then you may want to become a Support Volunteer.  Our Support Volunteers don’t answer the phone but help with other aspects of the Branch. 

Maybe you can help us fundraise and organise events or perhaps you would like to help with the administration of the Branch.  You may even know about publicity and can help get our news and events into the papers.

Support Volunteers will have to undertake some training and first attend an Information Event. Any help is always appreciated, so if you want to get involved then contact us.

Information Events

All our prospective volunteers need to attend an Information Event at our Branch.  The next Information Event is TBA at 7pm - for more details click here.

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