National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA)

Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy. If we work together, suicide can be prevented. The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA) is a cross-sector, Englandwide coalition committed to reducing the number of suicides in England and improving support for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

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About the NSPA

The NSPA want to get all parts of society working together to take action to reduce suicide and improve the support for those affected by suicide.

  1. Reducing stigma: We want all parts of society talking about suicide and taking action to maintain good mental health, so that it is as normal as talking about and maintaining physical health.
  2. Encouraging help-seeking: We want more people who are experiencing emotional distress to seek help before they become suicidal.
  3. Providing the appropriate support: We want to ensure that when people in emotional distress seek help, they receive appropriate support from the people or organisations they approach and that they are offered appropriate options.
  4. Reducing access to means: We want it to be harder for people experiencing severe emotional distress to have access to the means to take their own life.
  5. Reducing the impact of suicide: We want to ensure that people affected by suicide get the support they need to cope with the impact on their life.
  6. Improving data & evidence: We want there to be better official data about suicide in England and more evidence about effective suicide prevention. Those working in suicide prevention should find it easier to obtain this data and evidence.
  7. Working together: We want organisations with an interest in suicide prevention collaborating with each other to make a bigger difference.

The NSPA will build upon the shared aims and priorities developed under the Call to Action

NSPA Conference 2016: Empowering Communities through Collaboration

The NSPA’s second suicide prevention conference Empowering Communities through Collaboration was held on Tuesday 2nd  February at The Kia Oval in London.
The NSPA believes in engaging the whole of society in suicide prevention and the 2016 conference focused on empowering local action and collaboration to achieve this.
Speakers included:
Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for Community & Social Care
Professor Louis Appleby CBE, Chair, National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group
Heather Stokes, Vice President, Strategic Development, LivingWorks International
Gregor Henderson, National Lead Wellbeing & Public Mental Health, Public Health England
Jonny Benjamin, Mental Health Campaigner
Visit the 2016 Conference hub here for more information including presentations from speakers and workshop contributors. 

The NSPA Annual Review

The NSPA has published its second annual review (PDF), setting out its work and achievements for 2013/14 and 2014/15, plans for 2015/16, as well as showcasing the achievements of members.