About door to door fundraising

For charities in the UK, door to door fundraising raises £120m of donations a year and is a vital source of regular fund.

As well as being an effective and efficient form of fundraising, door to door fundraising allows us to have a two-way conversation about the charity's work, providing an opportunity to answer questions or focus on particular areas of interest – something which is not possible with other forms of fundraising.

Door to door fundraising also helps us to reach people that we couldn’t reach with other channels of communication, such as mail and phone.

Our door to door fundraising

The fundraisers undergo a stringent recruitment and selection process and background checks before they can join a fundraising team in the field. They also receive comprehensive training by Samaritans about the charity and the services we provide.

Ongoing training and support is given by both Samaritans and our professional fundraising agency to ensure the professionalism and high standard of our representatives.

Fundraisers also carry information about Samaritans and should be able to answer questions about the charity, our fundraising and the services we provide.

Checking a fundraiser is genuine

  • Contact our Supporter Care Line on 03709 00 00 32 with the name and location of the fundraiser, who can check the details for you.
  • All fundraisers carry a photo ID badge and a copy of our licence.
  • Samaritans fundraisers wear identifiable clothing displaying the Samaritans logo.
  • Samaritans registered charity number (219432) is printed on the materials carried by our fundraisers.

For enquiries about our door to door fundraising

  • 9am-5pm Contact our Supporter Care Team on 03709 00 00 32 or supportercare@samaritans.org who will personally record and manage your enquiry
  • Or leave a message with our Supporter Care Team, and a member of the team will get back to you the following day.