Let's have a Real Christmas

No matter how much you plan, not everything turns out as hoped.

This year, Samaritans are having a 'Real Christmas', and we're inviting everyone to join in with their stories. Burnt the Christmas cake? Last minute online shopping never turned up? Or maybe you forgot to lock the cat flap and found the neighbourhood cats tucking into your Christmas dinner?

You can get involved with our Christmas campaign by sharing your #RealChristmas stories on Twitter or Facebook, or by donating to our Christmas fundraising appeal here.

A few years ago now I invited no less than 10 family members to Xmas dinner at my house.  I had just moved there and was determined to be the hostess with the most-est!  I came down with flu just a few days before and spent the day in bed sleeping with them all downstairs having to do their own dinner!  Everyone mucked in and it was apparently a lovely day! - Sam, Truro

I work as a receptionist in a hospital, and as the only member of staff without young children, I was roped into working every single Christmas. One year, as I was waiting patiently for 6pm so that I could get home for my (microwaved) Christmas dinner, my colleague called in sick and I ended up working from midday until midnight. 

Thankfully, my favourite Doctor had bought in an Egyptian Feast that his wife had cooked, which he very kindly shared with me while teaching me Arabic and telling me stories from his childhood in Egypt. It turned out to be one of my all-time favourite Christmases! - Alex, Sheffield

I once got my hand stuck in a gravy jug that I was washing up after Christmas dinner. No amount of soap or muscle would loosen it. In the end I had to go outside and smash it on the garden path to get it off! Needless to say I ended up with a bruised hand, and a slight distain for gravy jugs… - Brett, Southampton

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