We've Moved!

Cartoon house move
Wednesday 22nd March 2017
After many years at home on Arpley Street, Warringon, Halton & St Helen's Samaritans have upped-sticks and moved... 200 meters up the road!


Our new home is Bank Quay House, Sankey Street.

Gary, Branch Director, said about the move "There were a number of factors in our choosing to move, but the biggest was accessibility. Our new offices will be fully accessable to both callers and volunteers." Emma, Deputy DIrector for Training added "We're now delighted to be able to say that our training is accessable to anyone, and we would really welcome applications from potential volunteers with mobility difficulties."

The move took several weeks of planning, with lots of volunteers lending a hand, but phone, SMS and email services are now back up and running as normal. Gary went on to say "there has to be a huge thank you to everyone who has helped, the staff at Bank Quay House have been excellent, and a special thank you to our own volunteers, Terry, Justine and Lynn for their efforts."