Fund raising for our branch can be split into two categories

  1. First to raise funds for core activities like building maintenance, phone and other unitlity bills, volunteer traveling expenses, volunteer training etc.
  2. Projects, individual items of expenditure to introduce new activities into the branches service or projects to improve the premises.

Raising funds for core funding is always more difficult because it has a less visitble outcome for donors to see, but 'core funding' is critical to keeping the branch going and delivering its service.

Core Funding Projects

Support Volunteers

This is a group of volunteers who run events and make collections in and around North Devon and North Cornwall on whom the branch is reliant for its day-to-day running costs.

We would like to acknowledge assistance from the BIG Lotter for assisting us  with the purchase of the computers for the Samaritans  "Connect" project which is aimed at linking all the branches in the Samaritans organisation and ensuring 99% of calls to the Samaritans are answered


Friends of Barnstaple Samaritans

This is a group of both volunteers and donors who also contribute to the day-to-day running of the branch by looking for new fund raising opportunities and following through with them.  Barnstaple Rotary Club

Providing £500 towards the installation of a kitchen adjacent for our branch training room reducing the impact of training on our core activities of talking to callers.